Is it for you?

Descriptive and visual, the storytelling dazzles. The breadcrumbs of detail do connect.


A Quest to find the Truth

Ahmenar undertakes a sacred pilgramage to a holy shrine in a distant land to find secrets of contentious Royal factions.


Where? When?

Atria is a world whose ancient past could be very much like our near-term future.

A Coherent Mythology

Pay attention, details matter

There are no contrived plot-points created in the moment to make the story move along. When something happens, it is grounded.

A Puzzle

Pay attention, details matter

A roller coaster ride through a well-wrought world, don't forget to answer the question for yourself.

Beloved Characters

A cavalcade of conflict

Well-meaning people strive to make the Worlds a better place. Better? That notion is rather subjective.


The Past meets the Future

A tainted ancient past collides with technologies recently created.

A Troubled Protagonist

Ahmenar Ishtam

A teenage boy, the son of a Priestess, in his infancy he was placed with a family, as is the custom of the Priestesses. Not everything is right about that placement. Long politely ignored, events force Ahmenar to confront the truth of who he is.


The Worlds of Atria

Delightfully familiar, enticingly exotic, and utterly bewildering, the Worlds of Atria will enchant you. Is Atria a real place? Sure it is. How do you get there? Read!